Project assumptions / implementation

The project relating to the concept of zone sound systems implemented by us assumed division of the area of the SPA zone in Kasprowy Hotel into 6 sound zones. For each of the zones, presentation of another musical background and independent loudness regulation was made possible.

For the sound system of the fitness zone, we proposed ATEO 6 broad-band wall loudspeakers. Also MWX65 wall panel allowing for loudness regulation, selection of signal source and connection of a local source (telephone, player, etc.) was used here. Two massage zones were equipped with AUDAC CIRA824 broad-band (frameless) ceiling loudspeakers, for which were also used MWX65 wall panels.

For the sound system of the reception desk zone together with the adjacent traffic routes, AUDAC CIRA824 ceiling loudspeakers were used, while in the changing room adjacent to the swimming-pool – CMAR8T ceiling loudspeakers, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

MPX88 call microphone was placed on the reception desk, allowing for transmission of messages to the selected zones.

In the AV cabinet, in the backroom of the reception desk, amplifiers powering the individual zones and MTX88 digital audio matrix allowing for transmission of signals from the selected sources to the specific zones were installed. There is also the musical signal source built on the basis of XMP44 modular unit containing web radio and two players of the contents stored on the discs.

Due to high humidity and increased temperature, we equipped the swimming-pool zone with WX802 broad-band wall loudspeakers. Additionally, in the lifeguards’ room, MWX65 wall panel allowing for loudness regulation and PDM200 dynamic microphone allowing for transmission of messages to the swimming-pool zone were installed.

In the SPA zone being the one with the highest humidity, we used CMAR8T ceiling loudspeakers resistant to unfavourable weather conditions.

Main system elements

  • AUDAC MTX88 audio matrix;
  • AUDAC XMP44 multi-functional player;
  • AUDAC MWX65 wall panels;
  • AUDAC MWX45 wall keyboards;
  • AUDAC PMX88 call microphone;
  • AUDAC PDM200 dynamic microphone;
  • CMAR 8T ceiling loudspeakers resistant to humidity;
  • AUDAC CIRA 825 ceiling loudspeakers;
  • AUDAC WX 802 broad-band loudspeakers;
  • AUDAC ATEO 6 broad-band loudspeakers;
  • AUDAC NOBA 8 woofers;
  • CUE control system;
  • TouchCUE-5 touch panel.