Project assumptions / implementation

The scope of the project included selection, delivery and installation of the audiovisual equipment for several locations of NOKIA (Alcatel-Lucent) in Wrocław, Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Łódź. The equipment was selected for various types of rooms: from the simplest phone rooms, through meetings rooms of diversified size up to divided multi-functional rooms. The rooms were equipped with professional Samsung monitors hung on special wall holders.

From the last implementation in Wrocław in West Link building, a particularly interesting installation is constituted by the ART-WALL made up of 6 PMH Samsung monitors of different size. They are dispersed, giving an artistically loose effect. The entirety is controlled by Corio Master processor connected with WyreStorm HDMI matrix. The video material is generated by BrightSign network player controller through LAN. The video wall was properly calibrated, so as to generate even image. It switches on and off in an automated way at the set time. DIGITAL SIGNAGE information system functions in a similar manner. Samsung DB 46, 49 and 55’’ monitors switch on and off in an automated way. They generate the previously uploaded content with video materials. The entirety is controlled from the server configured by our company. The User has a lot of functions and information on the monitors at their disposal thanks to the fact that they operate in one LAN sub-network.

Within West Link facility, Nokia in Wrocław created a new space, called GARAGE. Its purpose is to connect talented persons in the world of new technologies and start-ups. The innovative look and equipment of the space supports occurrence of new innovative ideas and collaboration in groups. The space was equipped with professional Samsung monitors generating either local image from laptops or video materials from Digital Signage central dispersed information system. It is possible to display images on big projection screens through Hitachi high-performance multimedia projectors.

Wirelessness of image sending is also ubiquitous thanks to Barco ClickShare devices. CUE central control system with touch panels controls the correct course of important meetings and lectures. The lecturers have an advanced audio system with wireless microphones, the signal of which is also transmitted to the video conferencing system during video calls with distant locations. Equipment of Nokia is an example of the audio-video solutions for the modern and dynamically developing companies.