Project assumptions / implementation

During performance of the installation in the Sport & Didactic Centre of Jan Grodek State University in Sanok, the main assumptions included preparation of an integrated system of control of audio-visual equipment and lighting as well as sound in the assembly hall of the Sport & Didactic Centre during presentation of lectures and a reliable sound system for the hall and for the sport infrastructure used for service of sport events.  The main element of the sound system of the sport hall is Audac R2 mixing matrix, which the individual music sources are connected to. We used there two players: CD/MP3 AMC MP01 and RMP-2760 USB. On the speaker position, there is inter alia Audac PMX 124 mixer and a table microphone, from which signal may be directed to the selected zones of the facility. AMC ceiling loudspeakers were placed in the hall and Bose column loudspeakers were placed in the assembly hall.

The screening system was based on Adeo Alumax screen 5 m wide, unfolded in an electric way. Due to the size of the screen, we used Hitachi CP-WU9410 with brightness 8 500 ANSI lm and contrast min. 2500:1. The presentation source is selected remotely from the level of CUE control system by a multi-functional switcher. Two high-quality PTZ cameras were installed in the assembly hall. In the lecture room, basic stage lighting system was installed, including two groups of spotlights, installed in the number of 4 pieces on each of the side walls to a special load-bearing structure. The windows of the room were equipped with the system of electric blackout blinds, moved down automatically from CUE control system for the time of the multimedia presentations.

Main system elements

  • Hitachi CP-WU9410 projector;
  • Adeo Alumax Vision White projection screen;
  • Audac R2 mixing matrix;
  • Audac PMX124 mixer;
  • AMC PC5T/PC8T ceiling loudspeakers;
  • Bose MA12 column loudspeakers;
  • Sennheiser EW135/EW152 G3 microphones;
  • AMC 2A600 and Audac SMQ350 amplifiers;
  • CUE touchCUE-7 touch panel;
  • CUE Elite-A-12 control system;
  • Samsung SNP-5300HP PTZ cameras.