Project assumptions / implementation

The main assumption upon designing of the audiovisual system for Orange Office Park in Cracow was that the AV installation should allow for giving of presentations with simultaneous use of several projectors operating jointly or individually as well as complex management of the entire system from one place, i.e. the rostrum. The function of holding of a video conference with the use of two Cisco system video conferencing cameras expands the possibilities of information exchange between different centres. In order to ensure the highest comfort of working with the system, solutions allowing for image displaying by means of Barco ClickShare wireless presentation set as well as three floor connections equipped with the most popular image transmission interfaces (HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA) were used.

High quality of the displayed image is ensured by Hitachi CP-WU5505 projectors with brightness 5200 ANSI and resolution WUXGA (1920×1200) as well as Adeo Incell VisionWhitePro in-ceiling screens. The core of the presentation system is Extron CrossPoint 86 4K matrix switcher (installed in the AV cabinet in the backroom of the conference room). Transmission of signal from the floor connections to the matrix switcher as well as from the switcher to the projectors is based on HDBaseT standard. The entire system is managed by CUE integrated control system, thanks to which the User activates the screening, regulates light intensity or makes video conference calls in a simple way.

Main system elements

  • Hitachi CP-WU5505 projectors;
  • Adeo Incell VisionWhitePro projection screens;
  • Extron CrossPoint 86 4K Matrix Switcher;
  • Barco ClickShare wireless presentation set;
  • Biamp Nexia VC multi-channel audio processor;
  • Cisco video conferencing codec with two cameras;
  • Cisco SG-200-26P network switch;
  • CUE ControlCue Two control system processor;
  • 7″ CUE touch panel;
  • Shure SLX24E/SM58 microphones;
  • Audac CAP248 amplifier.